Future 5 star hotel

Standard Ocean View Room

Wellers Inn hotel is undergoing a significant renovation and development process with the goal of upgrading its facilities and services to meet the standards of a 5-star hotel. The management is working to improve the hotel’s overall design, infrastructure, amenities, and service quality to enhance guests’ experience.

The planning and development stages by the hotel’s owners are in the initial phases of the project, which involve conducting market research, hiring architects and contractors, securing necessary permits and funding, and defining the scope and timeline of the project.

It is likely that the hotel will invest in modernising its existing features, such as rooms, restaurants, bars, fitness centers, spas, and meeting spaces, or adding new facilities, such as rooftop lounges, swimming pools, and high-end retail shops. The hotel may also focus on enhancing its sustainability practices and incorporating advanced technology to improve guest comfort and convenience.

While specific details of the renovation are not yet available, the hotel management is committed to providing a luxurious and memorable experience for guests in the future. Once the project is completed, the Wellers Inn hotel may earn a higher rating from reputable travel organizations, which can attract more guests and elevate its reputation in the hospitality industry in Burnie & Tasmania.